Nigerian Lady Moulds Burna Boy With Garri (Photos)

  • A talented Nigerian artist, Divine Favour, has shown love to Grammy-winning musician, Burna Boy
  • A series of photos made the rounds on social media of the artist who had used ‘eba’ to mould the music star’s face
  • A number of netizens were in awe of the lady’s talent as they gushed over the viral Burna Boy images

Popular Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, was recently the muse of a talented Nigerian artist, Divine Favour, who moulded his image with ‘eba’.

The Grammy-winning musician trended online after he performed at the UEFA League Finals, and it seemed to have inspired Divine, who proceeded to mould his image.

Taking to her Instagram page, the young artist shared a series of photos she had taken after making a likeness of Burna Boy’s face with the popular Nigerian swallow, eba.

The image was a replica of the music star and even had his signature dreadlocks, among other facial features.

See her post below:

Nigerians gush over impressive Burna Boy sculpture made with eba

The Burna Boy ‘eba’ image quickly made the rounds on social media, and the photos drew a series of interesting comments from netizens. Some of them were no doubt impressed, while others wondered if the sculpture was later eaten.

Read some of the thoughts shared below:


“Ur suppose to be in Guinness world records.”


“This is beautiful Weldone sis .”


“Nice Artwork dear ,we proud of you .”


“You made burna and ate burna brilliant art❤️❤️❤️.”


“But she suppose know say Burna boy nor de give person money na, Abeg do for obo make u expect credit alerts.”


“You wan chop my odogwu .”


“Person say you for use Amala say burna na black man say ein no go like this white one.”


“Na wetin chef dammy suppose do be this to win the heart of Nigerians.”


“Talent ❤️❤️❤️ but the girl no get respect of all the food nah only Eba she see ??.”


“Una don start again from Gorilla to Eba ‍♂️.”


“See as Burna cos me be like Albino .”


“Odugwu eba , normally Dey no Dey serve am give new cats .”

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